• "**** Hilariously funny and delightfully nostalgic."
    Jennifer Merin, About.com
  • "Enchanting."
    Ernest Hardy, Village Voice
  • "A great documentary."
    Bonnie Priever, Examiner.com
  • "Very Funny."
    George Robinson, Jewish Week
  • "Very entertaining."
    Stephen Whitty/The Star-Ledger
  • "Charming."
    Ella Taylor, NPR.org
  • "Lighthearted remembrances."
    Nicole Herrington, New York Times
  • "Informational, nostalgic, and very, very funny."
    Jessica Young, Jewniverse
  • "Entertaining...even endearing. Provides a wealth of history, humor and nostalgia."
    James van Maanen, Trustmovies
  • "Thorough, funny and thoroughly funny. Saucy and spirited, and the history is terrific."
    Joe Neumaier, NY Daily News